About us

SENSORO’s vision is to be “Google of the physical world. Committed to the convergence of the physical and digital world through the application of sensing technologies, SENSORO provides clients and business partners with rich data sources and dimensions, followed by data aggregation and analytics services.

Core products:

Yunzi,SENSORO’s pioneer beacon product, is the first to be fully certified to meet the standards of Apple iBeacon and Google Eddystone in Asia. Yunzi supports interaction with mobile apps and functions with “shake” function of the messenger app WeChat which has a 600 million user base.

Yunzi-SCRM,based on WeChat open platform, helps retail businesses track, store, analyze and leverage users’ behavioral data on wechat for effective event marketing, campaign management and identify genuine opinion leaders to achieve precision marketing.

IoT Cloud,sitting on top of the Low-Power Wide-Area Network (LPWAN), is dedicated for various sensing applications. It supports remote fleet management of beacons deployed in large scale (e.g. in airports and shopping malls); it is also designed to connect a significant number of terminal devices (sensors) in low-cost large-scale IoT application scenarios.

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