Alpha Dev Kit

1. Package list

  • Alpha Chip Evaluation Board
  • Arduino M0

2. Power Supply

  • Micro - USB
  • 5v DC power supply

3. Operating Principle

1) Arduino
  • Arduino is an easy-to-use open source electronic prototyping platform that includes hardware (Arduino boards of various models) and software (Arduino IDE),

  • Arduino language based on the development of communication language, easy to use, do not need too much microcontroller foundation, programming basis, simple learning, you can quickly develop.

  • Α The developer suite is based on Arduino M0 and the corresponding library is written and provides the sample code Github

2) Alpha Chip


  • Communicate with SENSORO α base station
  • BLE Radio
  • BLE Pass Through (Need Mobile SDK)
  • UART AT Command Control
  • Arduino or other main control board through the serial port to send AT commands and data to the chip, the control chip to the data sent to the cloud, or sent to the BLE transparent interface, or broadcast through the BLE broadcast data, the instructions see α Chip
3) Alpha Chip Evaluation Board


  • Integrated SENSORO α Chip, integrated temperature and humidity sensor
  • Standard Arduino interface, Arduino through the I2C interface control temperature and humidity sensor, read data
  • Serial port (UART) is compatible with Arduino series and ST Nucleo series, through the on-board toggle switch to switch other MCU platform developers can remove the alpha chip evaluation board, with DuPont line VCC, GND, TX, RX, wake up IO, reset IO, etc. to their own platform, refer to the document α chip to experiment
  • Reset button, you can manually reset the α transfer chip
  • Power status LED, wake-up status LED

4. Arduino M0 and Alpha Chip EVB Interface Table

1) α Chip Reset IO
ResetPin: D3

Active Low
2) UART, AT Command Communication
TX: D1
RX: D0

Toggle switch to the side of the silk screen 'ARDUINO'
Serial Select Serial1, baud rate 9600
3) Alpha Chip Wake Up IO, Status Indication IO
WakeUpPin:   A0
IndicatePin: A1

Wakeup IO falling edge active
When the chip is in the wake-up state, the status indicates that the IO output is high
When the chip is in sleep state, the status indicates that the IO output is low

1. When the chip is in sleep state, the serial port is closed, this time does not respond to AT commands
2. When the chip receives BLE transparent data, it will automatically open the serial port, the data sent to the MCU through the AT command
4) I2C Port
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