Open API

SENSORO provides to developers open API interfaces with the ability to downstream and manage terminal-devices.

1. Calls to send a custom data command

Third party developer calla SENSORO IoT cloud platform custom data downstream interface for custom data transmission to beta transmission module.

HTTP Request method: POST

(Authentication method: Refer to API authentication - [message signature](/auth.html).

curl Sample request
    curl -X POST -H "X-ACCESS-ID: 9yCs1XmRya2T" -H "X-ACCESS-NONCE: 1467018792599" -H "X-ACCESS-SIGNATURE: JOAfV8PMf4JwbvFgxJY7urkQOEG66mKp3qfoRadTdiM=" -H "Content-Type: application/json" -d '{"schName":"limjoe update test","customerData":"435553544f4d45525f444154415f313233343536","sn": "10610117C5A9D9DF"}' ""
Example of parameters request
Request: {
    schName: 'UPDATE_NAME',
    customerData: '00010101',
    sn: '1123456789000001'
Parameters instruction
Parameters YSE/NO Type Sample value Instruction
schName no String 123456 Tasks
sn yes String 1123456789000001 End-device unique ID
customerData yes Hex 00010101 Data sent to “beta transmission module”, end-device module only able to identify 16 hex data
Example of parameters return
Response: {
    err_code: 0,
    data: {
        scheduleNo: 'ED-20160617-202101'
Description of success parameter
Parameters YSE/NO Type Sample value Instruction
err_code yes Number 0 Error code, “0” success and “none-0” failure
err_msg no Number Error message returned when “errorcode” is none-0
data yes Object Request for successful data response
scheduleNo yes String ‘ED-20160617-202101’ Batch number for sending custom data tasks was successfully
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